Syllabus of UGC NET PAPER 1 – Teaching and Research Aptitude

If you are planning to appear in UGC-NET or JRF Examination, What you should prepare to get good marks in PAPER1, This paper is Common for all the students and you have to attempt 50 questions out of 60 questions.
Contents of the Subject:

1. Teaching Aptitude ( 6 Questions out of 60)
a. Nature, Objective , Characteristics and basic requirement
b. Learner’s Characteristics
c. Factor affecting teaching
d. Teaching aids
e. Evaluation system
2. Research Aptitude ( 6 Questions out of 60)
a. Research meaning , characteristics and types
b. Steps in research
c. Methods of research
d. Research ethics
e. Paper,
f. Article ,
g. Workshop ,
h. Seminar,
i. Conference
j. Symposium
k. Thesis writing

3. Reading Comprehension ( 6 Questions out of 60)
a. Passage reading and questions to be answered from given passage.

4. Communication ( 6 Questions out of 60)
a. Nature
b. Characteristics
c. Types
d. Barriers
e. Effective classroom communications

5. Reasoning ( 6 Questions out of 60)
a. Number series, Letter Series
b. Alphabet Test
c. Analogy Test
d. Graphical Missing Number
e. Classification test
f. Coding and Decoding test
g. Direction sense test
h. Blood relation test
i. Arranging in order test
j. Letter-digit term test
k. Time and Calendar Test
l. Clock related test
m. Mathematical operation test

n. Mathematical Ability Test :
i. Time and distance,
ii. profit and loss
iii. Ratio and Proportion
iv. Partnership
v. Simple Interest
vi. Compound interest

6. Logical Reasoning ( 6 Questions out of 60)
a. Understanding the structure of arguments
b. Evaluating and distinguishing deductive and inductive reasoning
c. Verbal analogy ; Word analogy
d. Verbal Classification
e. Reasoning logical diagrams
f. Venn Diagram

7. Data Interpretation ( 6 Questions out of 60)
a. Sources, acquisition and interpretation of data
b. Quantitative and qualitative data
c. Graphical representation and mapping of data.
8. Information and Communication Technology ( 6 Questions out of 60)
a. ICT Meaning , advantage , disadvantage and uses
b. General abbreviations and terminology
c. Basics of internet and emailing

9. People and Environment ( 6 Questions out of 60)
a. People and environment interaction
b. Sources of pollution
c. Pollutants and their impact on human life, exploitation ofnatural and energy resources
d. Natural hazards and mitigation

10. Higher Education System ( 6 Questions out of 60)
a. Structure of the institution for higher learning and research in india
b. Formal and distance education
c. Professional / technical and general education
d. Value education
e. Governance, policy and administration concepts
f. Institutions and their interactions
From the above mentioned syllabus content, 6 questions will come from each section and you have to attempt only 50 out of 60 questions.
Note: if you will attempt more than 50 questions then first 50 questions will be evaluated, so be careful.
Each question carries 2 marks and you must score 40% marks in Paper1 to qualify for merit list.

Best of Luck !!!!!!!!

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