UGC NET OOAD using UML mca5 important questions


OOAD using UML

1. What is object oriented modeling? What are its benefits?
2. What does the term object oriented mean? Explain the four aspects included in object oriented approach?
3. Is UML a programming language? Is it process dependent or independent? Write down the names of all the UML diagrams. Identify each of the UML diagrams belong to structural and which of these belong to behavioral group.

4. What is the purpose of class modeling? Explain following concept with example.
i) Aggregation versus association ii) Aggregation versus composition
5. What is concurrency? Explain ‘aggregation concurrency’ and ‘concurrency within an object’ represented by state model with suitable example.
6. What is the purpose of one shot state diagram? What is the difference between continuous loops or one shot life cycle state diagrams?
7. What is the importance of use case diagram? Explain relationships between use cases with suitable example and proper UML notations. Draw use case diagram for an ‘Online railway ticket reservation system’.

8. Define Sequence diagram. Differentiate active, passive and transient object in sequence diagram. Draw sequence diagram for ‘balance inquiry’ use case of ATM based banking system.
9. Explain the characteristics of Activity Diagram. Draw Activity diagram for withdrawing money from ATM.
10. What is software development process? Enlist steps of software development process? Differentiate iterative process model from waterfall model.

11.What is the purpose of design optimization? Briefly discuss the tasks of design optimization.

12 Which steps are required to construct an “Application Interaction Model”? Discuss in detail

13. Explain following concepts with reference to system design:
(i) Reusable components and their use
(ii) Methods of breaking system into subsystems
(iii)Management of data storage

14. What is pattern? What are its advantages?
15. What the use is of “include” and “extends” relationships in use-case diagram? Draw the use-case
diagram for Online Admission Process for Engineering Students in Gujarat.
16. Draw a class diagram for restaurant booking system
17. Write note on i) swimlane ii) refactoring iii) Ordered iv) bags v) argo UML
18. Explain three models of OOAD

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