Important Questions web Technologies MCA 503

Important Questions Web Technology —-MCA 5th SEMESTER

Q1. What is XML? Explain the XML components element and Attributes in detail with example.
Q2. What is DTD? Explain in detail with example
Q3. What is XML DOM? What is the purpose of XML DOM. How an in memory representation of an XML Document is created?
Q4. What is XSLT? Explain the use of XSLT with example.
Q5. What is AJAX? Explain the different uses of AJAX.
Q6. How to use Ajax in website , give one example of your choice.
Q7. What is the purpose of jQuery? How to retrieve the contents of page with jQuery? Give example
Q8. What is JQuery? Give an example of jQuery Events.
Q9. What is Web Services? Explain the types of web service and use of web service with example.
Q10. What is SOAP? Explain with example how SOAP is used .
Q11. What is JSON? How JSON is used in projects? Give Example.
Q12. What is CMS? Discuss the type of CMS and Usage of CMS.
Q13. What is WordPress? Discuss the components of WordPress?
Q14. What are plugins and themes in WordPress? Explain with example
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