Important Questions for MBA IT For Management (MBA-107) IKG PTU Subject

Important Questions for MBA IT For Management (MBA-107) IKG PTU Subject

If you are students of MBA 1st semester and preparing for IT subject then you must prepare this subject according to most important questions, I have prepared a list of questions which can be helpful for you for preparing this subject.
Q1. What is Computer? Draw the block diagram of computer and write characteristics of computer.
Q2. Explain the generations and classifications of computers
Q3. What is Memory? Explain the Primary and Secondary memory in detail.
Q4. Explain the various Number systems? Explain the conversion process from binary number system to decimal number system.
Q5. Discuss the various Input and Output Devices.
Q6. Explain the difference between application software and system software.
Q7. Differentiate between assembler, compiler and Interpreter.
Q8. What is operating system? Explain the functions of operating system.
Q9. Discuss the Network types and network topologies.
Q10. What are network communication devices? Explain
Q11. What is TCP/IP?
Q12. What is Internet? Explain various internet applications
Q13. What is Word Processing? Explain the features of word processing software like MS-WORD.
Q14. Explain the Spell Checking and Mail Merge feature of word processing software.
Q15. What is spreadsheet? Explain the features of MS-EXCEL.
Q16. How to create charts and graphs in MS-EXCEL?
Q17. What is the use of MS-POWEPOINT presentation Software?
Q18. How to create a presentation using animation & other features of POWERPOINT presentation?
Q19. What is DBMS? Explain its advantages and disadvantages of DBMS.
Q20. What is Query? How to create a query in MS-ACCESS? Give Example.
Q21. What are Forms? How to create & use Forms in MS-ACCESS?
Q22. What is a Report? How to create & Print a Report in MS-ACCESS? Give example.

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